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The Launch of Fable

Exciting news – we have a new sibling! While we at Aesop continue to weave beautiful stories about everything from ice cream to health devices, our sister company Fable will do the same thing in the world of leadership and culture change for organisations. Here’s what our friends at Fable have to say about it…

“We work with leaders to help define and articulate their leadership story, and then communicate it throughout their team or organisation in order to capture the hearts and minds of their people and to move them to change.

No one ever said “once upon a strategy” and we use the art and science of storytelling to define your change story and then bring it alive in your people.

We focus on identity and belief, standards and expectations, language, symbol and ritual, believing that people will rise to a challenge as long as it is their challenge.

Delivering a unique combination of strategy, psychology and storytelling, we work with business, sport and the military to create and deliver true values-based, vision-led and purpose-driven cultures. Our clients include elite international sporting teams, military Special Forces, the C-Suite, and other motivated and ambitious leaders looking to create a culture of continual improvement and competitive advantage.”

Take a look at Fable’s website here.

Co-founder James Kerr also spoke to Communicate magazine about the launch here and if you’d like to find out more, you can contact him at james@fablepartners.com.