The story of a safe summer


Sadly, for many children the summer is no holiday. In fact it can be a living nightmare. With six weeks out of school, they are left without access to meals, activities or a reliable adult to ensure their wellbeing.


Our brief was simply ‘summer is no holiday for some kids’, with the first objective being to raise £55,000 in our first week. If we could achieve this, a matching funding agency would double the donations. We crafted a visually striking campaign showing just what some kids have to go through during the summer holidays.

This included a gripping one-minute film, directed by renowned director, Simon Ratigan (scroll up to watch). To gain as much reach as possible, we took advantage of Google’s Ad Grant and YouTube’s specialist Nonprofit Program. Plus, the PR potential was boosted with a voice over by David Walliams.

Bolstering the campaign even further, the world-famous photographer Nadav Kander also contributed his skills. This helped us create a powerful print campaign.

To kick-start all of the above, sandcastles appeared all over London to as a tease to the campaign. We built sandcastles in the most unlikely of locations – including Trafalgar Square, the Southbank, London Eye and the Golden Jubilee Bridge.

On top of all this, we crafted a campaign identity that will live on, the ‘Safe Summer Appeal’. The graphic we used, a simple sandcastle bucket, is an icon of summer and a symbol of imagination. And importantly, it’s an activation device that helps inspire people to create their own sandcastles – not to mention its use as a vehicle for collecting donations.


The result? We generated £111,000 in just one week alone, and our work continued to raise lots more money for the charity.

The MoralTogether we can give vulnerable children a safe summer