The story of the canny brew

Advertising | Promotion

Newcastle Brown Ale was in need of re-invigorating to drive on and off-trade sales. So, we decided to harness the brand’s cheeky Geordie personality.


We encouraged consumers to ‘Think Canny’, borrowing the Geordie term that (roughly translated) means ‘witty and perceptive’. An on-pack promotion gave them the chance to win the unique Newcastle schooner glass, for which we proposed some canny alternative uses (from spider-catcher to listening device). We also took some canny liberties with language, creating new words to capture the beer’s ability to combine the taste of ale with the refreshment of lager, hereby know as: REFRESHMENTASTE. We brought this to life on trade through point of sale, from coasters to ‘The Little Brown Book of Canny’.

Following the success of this promotion, we took it one step further, awarding the person who came up with the canniest alternative use for a schooner with a trip to Whitley Bay (also known as the ‘Miami of the North’).

And, a little Geordie charm took us a long way, with sales in major retailers increasing by 36% during the promotional period.

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