Ben O'Connor

Aesop All Stars:
Ben O’Connor

We often know an agency by its work, but what about the folk who make it happen? In this series we introduce some of the people behind the scenes at Aesop and find out what makes them tick. Here we meet one of our recent hires, Business Director Ben O’Connor.

After starting his advertising career in the airline industry, high flyer Ben’s career really took off at Ogilvy, where he rose to Director level working on the American Express and Co-operative accounts. Now living the highlife at Aesop, he’s leading brand strategy projects for blue chip clients including Shell and HSBC. The sky’s the limit…



So Ben, what fuels your creativity?
The beauty of working in the creative industry is that you’re able draw inspiration from all around you – a diverse mix of characters and eccentric personalities, joining together to form motivated teams, coming at problems from all sorts of different angles and producing great work off the back of an irresistible client brief. It’s this combination that gets me excited…

How do you employ narrative thinking in your role?
What’s special about narrative thinking is that it combines structure with flexibility, giving true freedom to explore. This makes it easy to employ in all aspects of your everyday role. It attracted me to join Aesop in the first place as it provides a fresh and unique alternative to more traditional approaches. Now on the inside, it’s clear to see that narrative thinking and storytelling are things that the agency treasures both in terms of how we apply it to our client challenges and to understand and appreciate what it means to work here. It’s something that clients (and partners) get immediately making it easy to inspire intrigue and opportunity which, in a world where agencies need to demonstrate value and a clear point of difference, is priceless…

What do success stories look like for you?
Success stories come in many forms but in short it comes down to motivated people and inspired/satisfied clients. The perfect combination.

Check out some of the strategic work Ben will be contributing to here, and stay tuned for our next Aesop All Star.