Ask Aesop:
Frozzie Procopé

We often know an agency by its work, but what about all the folk who make it happen? In this series we introduce some of the people behind the scenes at Aesop and find out what makes them tick. Here we meet one of our newest hires, planning star Frozzie.

We were lucky enough to tease Frozzie away from TBWA, where she was working on Apple’s product portfolio, including the iPhone and the Apple Watch. With a huge amount of digital work pouring through the studio, Frozzie’s experience working with the most successful digital product company on the planet will be invaluable. Lucky us!

iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton
iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Now a few words from the superstar herself…

Where do you draw your creativity from?
Living in London is a constant source of inspiration to me. You can’t get on the tube without seeing or hearing something weird and wonderful. The diversity of this mad city we live in fuels my creativity and teaches me about humanity.

How do you employ narrative thinking in your role?
To be a good planner, I firmly believe you need to be a good storyteller. A strategy can’t come to life without a compelling beginning, middle and end. Consequently, every time I work on a brief I use narrative thinking as a tool to construct a (hopefully!) engaging and memorable brand story.
What do success stories look like for you?
Projects that show the best of the agency’s unique imagination, which go above and beyond client expectations.
Check out the type of amazing digital projects Frozzie will be contributing to here, and stay tuned for our next Aesop All Star.