Dramatic Conflict

At Aesop, we love conflict.


Be it good versus evil…


A toy box rivalry…


Or the peril of a soggy bottom.


From Hamlet…


…to the Real Housewives.


There are three main types of conflict.


External: Without the shark, Jaws is just a day at the beach.


Internal: Following your heart or following your dreams.


Societal: The corruption and crime of Gotham.


But it’s not just Hollywood that can benefit from conflict.


By finding an enemy, a brand can define its purpose.


For Snickers, the enemy is being hangry. (Oh hi again Joan!)


For Nike, our inner couch potato.


And for Always, it’s everyday sexism.


By knowing what they’re against, we discover what they stand for.


The moral? When it comes to a brand’s story, conflict is good.


So embrace the dark side…


…and live happily ever after.