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Embracing the Dark Side

Our Adweek talk demonstrated that conflict is at the heart of great brand storytelling.

9.30am on a Thursday near Piccadilly Circus, and some brand storytelling wizardry was about to begin. The theatre was hushed, as our Director of Narrative Ed Woodcock was about to launch into a rousing speech about… Top Gun. No seriously, Top Gun. Watch the video and you’ll see why. What followed was a delve into the fascinating and surprising world of conflict in brand storytelling.

Highlights include how technology has revolutionized advertising, a glimpse at the source-code behind storytelling, and a comparison between Mary Berry and Satan.

Then it was time for our illustrious panel, Piers Newson-Smith of Direct Line, Lulu Skinner of Airbnb and Philip Jackson of Mondelez International, all telling us how embracing the dark side has helped them enliven their own brand stories.

All this carried out in direct competition with none other than Al Gore, who was speaking at an adjacent stage at the same time. How inconvenient.

Why not watch the video to see how you can inject some dark-side magic into your brand story?

Or read all about it in Campaign here.