David Charles

In conversation with…David Charles

Every month we feature a different artist in our 3×3 Instagallery. This month, our artist in residence is illustrator David Charles, connecting childhood imagination with adult reality via his D I S E N E L O brand.

So David, what stories does your work tell?

That’s a good one, imagine being able to see into the mind of a four-year-old and the only real way to express your emotions, is through your actions or facial expressions. Through my work I like to push the boundaries of childhood imagination to a new way of displaying feeling. Childhood imagination immersed with adult reality. With each art piece having a deeper meaning or construct with layers, upon layers, which can be interpreted with an emotion and feeling which changes the art in our minds, with each moment.


What gets you inspired and in the mood to create something?

When I take a moment to stop fidgeting – total silence, no TV, no mobile phone, just the birds chirping and the sound of the traffic on the road. The morning sun rise creating shadows through my indoor tropical jungle as I drink my coffee. Other times, it’s weirdly connected to the moon cycle, full moons are my most creative.


How do you make your pieces, and has this changed since when you first started producing art?

I feel the process has always been the same – a bit more digital nowadays. I would get an idea or see something that would inspire me, email myself with the design title and first thought in my mind, with a description of what exactly *eLo would be doing. But saying that, the original process would be doodling ideas with circles. Like a type of code that only I would understand, with a name underneath it.

I would then later if not the same night or minute, draw up my art. Most pieces are for digital compositions later, when I can focus more of my time on them – like melodies a singer would record for future hits, so to speak.

*eLo is the character’s name. It comes from when I was 4 years old and people adults would speak to me in a childish voice, saying ‘ello elo elo’ – I used that memory enthusing the L.


What would you love to see more of in the creative industries during the next five years?

I’d like to see more creative industries pulling more towards working with the younger generation as they study, while they have all the energy and creative juices at the highest of potency! Inspiring work that talks to both the younger and older generation, making a better way forward closing the boundaries of understanding.


Got any winning tips for upcoming creatives you wish someone had told you?

Set yourself small goals and small achievements, then look at the bigger picture after 6-8 months and see exactly how much you’ve achieved.


And last of all, what’s next? Any big plans for the near future?

Next? Another exhibition of my own where I can produce and push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist.


See more of David’s work at instagram.com/disenelo