In conversation with… eBoy

So, what’s your story? (a little bit about yourself and your background)
We are three guys that love working with pixels. We also tinker with code, 3D and toys. Steffen and Svend work from Berlin, and Kai works from Los Angeles.

How did you develop a love for making art?
Through wooden blocks, LEGO and other modular toy systems.

What techniques do you use?
We work with pixels. Our main tool is the pen in Photoshop. To prepare and visualize objects, we use 3d software like Blender and SketchUp. Our blog and database are built with HTML and JavaScript. For research we use Google Image Search.

Which work are you most proud of, and why?
A single favorite is impossible to pick. The Pixorama series in general have been fascinating projects to work on though. The underlying modular structure is an endless source of inspiration and surprise for us.

Remember, our 3×3 instagallery is refreshed every month. Catch our latest one hereOr see more of eBoy’s work here.