In conversation with… Greg Barth

So, what’s your story? (a little bit about yourself and your background)

Hey, I’m an artist and director from Geneva, Switzerland. I am a designer, turned art director, turned motion designer, turned CG artist, turned stop frame animator, turned director, with a brief exploration in music production and rapping.


How did you develop a love for making art?

My mother is an artist, so I was always surrounded by creativity. I had to go through multiple different mediums to learn how to channel what my style could be, but it has been a rich and fun process.


What techniques do you use?

Techniques change all the time based on my ideas. My restriction is to keep every idea within something that is real, and not use CGI. Using physical techniques is very challenging but also incredibly fun in terms of problem solving, and requires sometimes as much creativity as the actual ideas themselves.


Which work are you most proud of, and why?

I think my latest film Epic Fail is the one I am the most proud of, as It has elements of a plot and the added challenge of writing dialogue, mixed within a strange and surreal piece of video art.


What’s the story behind one or more of the works in this gallery?

The strongest one in my opinion is a political handshake for world peace that goes terribly wrong. This was inspired by Trump’s election, and the symbolic notion that a handshake can bring peace and positive change. Initially I ordered some realistic arm-gloves from china labeled “transvestite cross dressing gloves” and that had the appearance of real arms and hands with creases, skin pigment and nails. They were not cheap, and getting my company bank to accept the transaction by telling them I needed this for my job was quite fun. They ended up not looking very real, so we got an amazingly talented make-up/prosthetic artist to create the arms, complete with hair implants. Freaky.


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