Joe Fletcher

Introducing… Joe Fletcher

We often know an agency by its work, but what about all the folk who make it happen? In this series we introduce some of the people working behind the scenes at Aesop. Here’s the lowdown on copywriter Joe Fletcher.

How long have you been at Aesop and what were you doing before?

I have been at Aesop for one whole year last month. Before that I was a creative at BBH London working on the likes of British Airways and Audi, which was pretty cool. A great place to learn with great people. Before that I was a freelance creative… I could go as far back as the womb if you’d like?

What do you do at Aesop?

I’m the eye candy for client meetings (if this were a parallel universe). In reality I’m a creative working across all of Aesop’s clients. I do all sorts – concepts, long copy, and …other stuff? One minute I might be writing the script for a Tic Tac TV ad, then the next minute coming up with their social posts. When I’m not doing that, I tend to send around emails of things I find funny or perform a merry little dance for Richard Pettiford.

What’s your most useful tip for making good work?

Persistence. A lot of people like to play it safe. To them I say: why the hell would you want to be like everyone else? Do something different. That’s why if someone doesn’t like an idea you love at first, explain why it’s awesome and then explain some more. From experience, they often tend to be the ideas your audience loves the most. But if they don’t buy it in the end, grab a bottle of whisky and pack of cigarettes – then have them for dinner. An alternative to that would just be to say ‘you win some, you lose some’ and strive to make even more great work in the future.

What’s the best bit of storytelling you’ve seen so far this year?

I’m a big fan of Chris (Simpsons artist). And although I enjoy all of his posts, I think his story about how Jesus Christ was named is quite simply spellbinding. I really can’t quite stress enough how much I love his choice of adjectives. They genuinely do take you to a place you never even thought possible. And the fact he never uses full stops makes the read that much more enthralling. Allow me to share a snippet (click here for the full story):

‘mary did one last thick deep push and the egg completely slid out of her bum and landed on the barn floor and cracked open and baby jesus slowly climbed out of the egg and when joseph sees jesus he cant believe how big he is and he screams jesus christ he is massive and that is why they decided to call him jesus christ because it is what everyone always says when they first see the size of him’

If you like the cut of Joe’s jib, here’s another post he wrote. If you don’t like the cut of Joe’s jib, don’t worry – we have other people working here too.