Social Media: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Now that every brand from WD40 to Pot Noodle has a Twitter feed, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of community managers out there – and some are pretty awesome.

Take Tesco Mobile for example. @LiyahSummers tweeted ‘When you call someone and it goes through to their Tesco Mobile Voicemail…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL’. Tesco Mobile immediately replied with ‘When you realise your mates are ignoring you LOOOOOOOOL #nojoke.’ Burnnnnnnnnn! The Tweople loved it so much, it got 12,000 retweets.

But we can’t all be kings of sting. Most brands don’t have as much sass as Tesco Mobile at their disposal. And some of them just seem to be like deer in the headlights. Before reading the following, please ensure your cringeometer is set to stun. You are about to enter…the fails of social media.


If you’re a multinational company making millions of $$$, you’d think you could afford to hire someone proficient with Twitter. Well, not Mexican grill chain Chipotle…


Chipotle claim it was a marketing stunt. I’m still unconvinced. I guess the moral of the story here is: hire someone with at least enough technical knowledge to operate a hand dryer.

When Trolls Attack…

Ah internet trolls, where would we be without you? Probably part of the new wave of pseudo liberals who use social media as a soundboard for what amazinggggg people they are. #blessed. Anyway, if you’re an organisation somewhat renowned for a tumultuous relationship with the public, I’m not sure this is the best social strategy to take:


Nypd 2

And the moral is…use your common sense, jeez.


Oh, what’s this American Apparel Instagram picture? Some lovely fireworks?

american apparel

No. It is in actual fact, a picture of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster, which killed seven people. Moral of the story – always check your sources!

On the lighter side of things, here’s another example demonstrating the importance of checking your sources:


Under siege

If like me, you love a good Twitter hack/ revolt, how about HMV’s community manager telling the people how it really is?


And the moral is… don’t underestimate the power of your employees. Especially if they’re younger and more tech savvy than you.

Oh and remember that guy who thinks Paris is in Germany? What was his name… Donald Trump?! Some total genius hacked into his Twitter account:


I’m pretty sure the moral here is: if you act like an ass, people will treat you like an ass.

So if you’re looking to increase your social media presence – you sure as hell shouldn’t learn from these guys. Maybe offer your last Rolo to someone at Tesco Mobile instead.

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