The Way of Aesop booklet

The Way of Aesop

The yellow brick road. The way of the Jedi. The journey to the Celestial City. In countless stories, an unlikely hero undertakes a journey or course of training that is as much emotional as it is physical. Travellers discover things about themselves along the way: the Tin Man finds a heart; Skywalker learns to feel the Force; Christian saves his soul. The journey is not just entertainment, but also a moral lesson for the audience: there’s no place like home, folks.

This week we’ve used our office move to turn a new leaf in our culture. Everyone arrived at their new desks to find a copy of The Way of Aesop. Part induction for newbies, part guide for old hands, The Way of Aesop helps us navigate our agency’s strange quirks, unique culture, and particular ways of working. Making reference to famous films throughout, it gives advice on topics as diverse as taking sick leave to how to run a meeting (hint: make sure the right people are there… Bueller? Bueller? Bueller…? Anyone? Anyone?)

On a superficial level it makes using the coffee machine ‘An Awfully Big Adventure’, but on a deeper level it’s one of the many talismans and rituals we use here at Aesop to help us live our story every day.