The story
of the seafaring gin

Design | Packaging

Having travelled many seas as the preferred tipple of the Royal Navy, Plymouth Gin is a drink rich in history. We needed to convince major retailers of its premium credentials and encourage them to stock the brand. So, we crafted them a story.


To bring Plymouth Gin’s rich tale to life, we created a bespoke limited edition presentation case. The case contained a juniper-infused map that told the story of the Pilgrim Fathers’ voyage to America and highlighted some of the gin’s delectable ingredients: 7 botanicals from across the 7 seas.

Intricately designed, the cover was made of laser-etched Perspex that traced the journey of the Mayflower, from Plymouth to the New World. The body of the case was machined from solid oak and the base was inlaid with engraved copper, all in ode to the barrels on board the ship. Sealed within the box is a story that spans continents and centuries.

The MoralOpen with a story to make the best impression