A story to chew and chew on

Brand Identity | Packaging | Promotional

Bristows Bonbons has a proud 80-year heritage of making deliciously traditional confectionery. But when we first met the brand, its sweets were simply white-labelled or sold in bulk, not creating any excitement about what was inside.


After delving into Bristows’ back story, we invented a menagerie of very British personalities, from a monocled toff to a grinning pirate, to bring the brand to life. We featured these characters via a range of mouthy pack designs, ensuring that Bristows Bonbons never fail to stand out in a crowded market.

For supporting campaign material, our chomping characters inspired us to look to the eccentric practice of gurning. We captured the suck and chew of Bristows Bonbons on posters, wobblers and trade collateral. And our invitation into Bristows’s wacky world paid off, with the brand seeing a sales increase of more than 20% year-on-year since the new identity was launched.

The MoralSuck them and see.