The story of a healthy heart

With heart disease affecting millions of people in the UK, the British Heart Foundation and their ambassador Pippa Middleton set about raising awareness, and much needed funding, with a book of delicious recipes.


While the British Heart Foundation dietitians and Pippa Middleton were collaborating on a collection of tasty, healthy recipes to be enjoyed with friends and family, it was our task to come up with the book’s design, layout, and apt title, Heartfelt.

Our aim was to help educate readers about heart health in an accessible and entertaining way. We did this using a friendly, informative tone of voice, peppering the recipes with useful facts and little notes to highlight their health benefits. Throughout the book we also shared several moving stories of people who had been affected by heart disease and directly benefitted from British Heart Foundation research.

We created a fresh, clean look for the book and bold, easy-to-navigate chapter titles with a strong link to the British Heart Foundation’s colour scheme. We also worked closely with food photographer David Loftus to create a warm but contemporary feel for the eclectic collection of over 100 mouth-watering dishes.

The result is a  recipe book that will not only benefit the nation’s heart health, but we hope raise all-important funds for the lifesaving research the British Heart Foundation carries out every year.