The story of betrayal, revenge and
a throne

Design | Packaging

HBO tasked us to design a boxset for The Complete Seasons 1-5 and two exclusive covers for Season 5 for their cult fantasy drama, Game of Thrones.


The striking designs feature intriguing visual references taken from the series: a golden mask, a cloak of feathers, a mythical spearhead. They are visual triggers, ‘magic tokens’, that draw you in – referencing key story lines for diehard fans, whilst enticing those who have yet to cross the Game of Thrones threshold.

The design features the sinister Sons of the Harpy mask; golden-hued, it embodies the regal theme central to the HBO drama. Inside, the mask theme continues. Concertina soft packs feature the faces of key characters half cloaked in darkness, shrouded in mystery. Are they who they seem to be? What are they hiding? Who’s playing the best game?

The evocative visual references are carried through to the two limited edition Season 5 exclusives. One features richly detailed black feathers, a reference to the extraordinary costume worn by one of the central characters, Jon Snow; the other, a glittering spearhead hewn from the mythical substance, dragonglass.

Each design is further brought to life by specific print finishing techniques: the embossed mask, the tactile matte varnish of the feathers, the spearhead with holographic foils. Detail and finishes that encapsulate and reflect the essence of Game of Thrones as a layered, richly detailed fantasy drama.

The MoralAn epic story you can judge by its cover