The story of the scotch that started it all

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The single malt scotch whisky category can be intimidating, with its dizzying array of islands, highlands, lowlands and glens. The Glenlivet came to us for a helping hand in elevating its name above other malts.


The Glenlivet brand has history and heritage in spades, but our challenge was to make it relevant to a new crop of ‘single malt ready’ drinkers. So, rather than simply relying on the brand’s provenance, we scoured the archives to find stories from The Glenlivet’s past that had the power to intrigue a new audience. Stories like that of the distillery’s founder, George Smith, and his tendency to sleep with two loaded pistols under his bed. At every turn we uncovered a theme of an irrepressible spirit that always finds its way.

Having identified the heart of the narrative we set about bringing it to life, starting with a brand film and website. The site enables curious whisky fans to learn about The Glenlivet’s history, pick out their preferred expressions and sign up to become a ‘Guardian of The Glenlivet’.


To cement loyalty among our newfound Guardians, we created an event toolkit for markets around the world to engage and reward their local members.

Finally, we knew that for single malt aficionados, a pilgrimage to The Glenlivet Distillery is a must. So we updated the Visitors’ Centre in the heart of Speyside to reflect the brand’s new, richer narrative. Guardians who make the trek can now immerse themselves in stories, see the very pistols George Smith slept with, and enjoy a wee dram of the good stuff.

The MoralDetermination always finds its course.

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