The story of the crowd-sourced whisky

Comms Strategy | Digital Content

The Glenlivet wanted to communicate to single malt lovers just how special its new limited edition whisky was going to be.


Rather than making yet another booze billboard that people wouldn’t engage with, we did something unprecedented for the category. We invited The Glenlivet’s most dedicated fans to write the next chapter of the brand’s legacy themselves by choosing the new whisky from a shortlist of three expressions.

We knew it wasn’t just the taste of the drink that was important but the tastes of the drinker. So, as well as inviting fans to try the three whisky options at 40 global events, we also curated an online hub of cultural content. Each one was inspired by the three flavours which fans could explore, in order to discover where their whisky-sipping loyalties lay.

Then we spread the word over social media and packaged the winning expression in a design worthy of its contents. The campaign reached more than a million pairs of eyes and 12,000 sets of tastebuds. But, more importantly, it turned whisky drinkers into the Guardians of The Glenlivet’s story.

The MoralIt’s a matter of taste.