The story of nature’s
single malt

Brand Identity | Comms Strategy | Promotion

In 2004 The Glenlivet created Nàdurra, a non-chill filtered single malt with a pure taste and a natural philosophy for its creation.


Ten years later and the time was ripe for a refresh, with three new expressions to be shared and enjoyed. Our brand story invoked the elemental spirit of whisky making, mixing barley from the earth with granite-filtered water and timber from an assortment of oaks. But the central theme was the pure craftsmanship of the masters who use natural materials to produce the whisky. Having defined this story, we created a collection of marketing elements to bring it to life.

A brand marque carved into wood demonstrated craftsmanship in action, and merchandising concepts followed suit, with bell jars, copper plinths and slate window displays bringing the natural traditions of whisky making into a modern context.

The MoralPure craftsmanship for modern whisky drinkers.