The story of the talking taters

Comms Strategy | Digital Design | Print Design | TV

How do you turn the humble potato into a desirable product? By transforming it into the star of its own tale. First we dug into the backstory of the GreenVale potato to discover that these tubers are anything but boring.


Two things set them apart: the paper bag that keeps them fresher for longer and their distinctively creamy, buttery flavour. The first stage of the adventure was to help GreenVale communicate these differences to retailers, helping them secure distribution through the UK’s top five supermarkets.

Next we introduced the potatoes to the nation via an animated TV spot. We set the scene inside the very bag that keeps them so fresh, transporting viewers into the home of a crop of cheeky GreenVale spuds. As the potatoes discuss the merits of being ‘picked and packed in paper’, their tongue twisters communicate the freshness and taste that makes them special.

The MoralSo tasty they speak for themselves.