String Theory

Financial crime is one of the most troubling issues of the 21st Century – the fuel of human trafficking, terrorism and the illegal drugs trade.


However, both within HSBC and in wider society, people didn’t always connect seemingly isolated acts of financial wrong-doing with these global problems. The bank needed a statement of intent that could help to build HSBC’s reputation externally as well as changing perceptions and behaviours internally.

Our vision centred around the notion of ‘protecting a world of opportunity’, connecting the social imperative of HSBC’s battle against financial crime with its purpose of connecting customers with opportunities. Our film, accompanied by an original score, has been rolled out across the HSBC network, as well as being viewed by customers on the website.

Our work helped HSBC’s employees to become more engaged in tackling financial crime, demonstrated commitment to the regulators, and contributed to protecting the communities the bank serves the world over. We are proud to have helped HSBC set out its commitment to fighting financial crime in a new and inspirational way.