Because ingredients matter

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Mention instant mash to most people and it triggers bad memories of school dinners. So when Idahoan asked us to launch them in the UK, we had huge perception barriers to overcome around quality and taste.

Fortunately, Idahoan potatoes have a unique natural provenance. Idaho is known as America’s ‘Potato State’, and its rich, volcanic soil, clear mountain air and temperate climate are the perfect ingredients for potatoes that are big on flavour.

We needed to bring this story to life across all touchpoints. So first, we redesigned the U.S. packaging to create natural ‘shelf appeal’ for a British audience. Next, we targeted the Big 4 grocers, rekindling their interest in a dead category with an intriguing DM campaign leveraging Idahoan’s natural credentials. They placed more orders than Idahoan could actually fulfil.

Our UK launch campaign uses TV spots and OOH to show off Idaho’s fertile landscape in all it’s sun-dappled glory before bringing viewers back to more familiar surroundings with a humorous twist that positioned Idahoan Perfect Mash as a quick and delicious ingredient in any midweek meal.

Activity is supported online with mouth-watering food photography and recipe ideas inspiring shoppers to explore the range.