The story
so far...

We have a long-standing relationship with Shell’s global brand teams that sees us help define and design their fuel and retail brands. From identities to brand books, we work together to ensure that activity stays true around the world – campaign to campaign and country by country. We also guide local teams in telling a consistent story through advertising and communications toolkits.


We were challenged with launching E85 fuel Shell ClearFlex in the US market. Faced with a largely uninformed audience – many of whom weren’t actually aware that they owned a Flex Fuel vehicle, let alone that they could use E85 – we were at something of a roadblock. So, we set out to educate the consumer.

With the knowledge that all Flex Fuel vehicles have a signature yellow fuel cap, we made this unique feature Shell ClearFlex’s chief visual cue. Our campaign was simple – if you’ve got a yellow cap, you can fill up with Shell ClearFlex. This imagery allowed Shell to make a claim on an otherwise unowned category.

With Deli2Go, Shell has a product to be proud of. So we set out to change perceptions about service station food, with an aspirational campaign that heroes deli-quality food worth stopping for.

We did this by employing beautiful imagery that showcases Deli2Go’s tasty products. The campaign follows the full shopper journey, from roadside to store, with a torn napkin device used to convey deli cues.

To ensure that this message of quality and taste remains true, we created a global toolkit that is currently being rolled out by local markets.


We needed to reach out to trade influencers and encourage them to recommend Shell Helix Ultra to customers. But rather than bombard them with sales talk, we chose to tell a story. So we looked to the experts.

Across three different chapters, we focused on the different benefits of Shell Helix Ultra as experienced by the professionals who use it, such as the Formula One Ferrari team. To drive the message home we created a toolkit and supporting material to inform, inspire and engage the influencers.

By employing storytelling in a way that is easy to understand, persuasive and memorable, there was no need for the hard sell.