The story of the surgeons' hearts

Brand Story | Digital Content

Who wants to hear a story about wound care? We believe it’s always possible to make a connection with your audience, no matter what the subject.


In our brand work for Smith & Nephew’s PICO device, the goal was to encourage surgeons, the target market, to focus on what happened after their surgery by applying PICO to protect their incisions.

We discovered that surgeons are under increasing pressure to reduce post-operative complications, yet their work is getting more difficult all the time. What was PICO’s role in this story? To protect surgeons’ work even after they’ve left the theatre, meaning their performance results stay as impeccable as the work they perform. We created a toolkit based on this territory, allowing Smith & Nephew to communicate to surgeons how well it understands their world.

Next we brought the concept to life with a brand film featuring an older man undergoing heart surgery. Rather than simply presenting him as a faceless patient, we wrote a backstory starring a cast of characters who tell us what he means to them.

The film reminds us that patients are more than just statistics, encouraging surgeons to focus on what happens after each patient leaves their care – and, of course, to choose PICO to keep them safe.

The MoralI am your reputation.