The story of a breakfast marvel


MOMA are on a mission to Make Oats More Awesome. To do this, they’ve launched a delicious Bircher Muesli with homegrown British oats – making breakfast more convenient, healthy and satisfying than ever before.


We wanted to make the brand stand out in a dramatic and simple way: if the oats are more awesome, then you’re going to feel more awesome too. Our challenge was to show hungry commuters just how much MOMA could brighten their day. Our audience like to take care of themselves, but often struggle to find something enjoyable to eat with such a hectic schedule. That means toast or cereal usually ends up being their boring go-to option in the morning. And as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not start right?

Taking advantage of tube’s unparalleled footfall, we created three four-sheet executions, which include the bold endline ‘Start your day awesome’. Each of the illustrations give a playful nod to screenprint, pop, and comic art. They put the product centre stage, and are quite literally bursting with energy. A retro rocket soars, a bi-plane loops and the product explodes with a ‘POW!’ – the perfect wake-up call for a great day ahead.

The MoralStart your day awesome and the rest will follow