The story of a scoop

Brand | Design | Packaging

Boasting a range of mouth-watering gelatos so intensely satisfying, it’s no surprise Joe Delucci’s has gained a host of new fans. Yet, set to enter the supermarket, Joe Delucci’s needed a way to reflect just how delicious their gelato is in the public eye.


We used clear tubs that promoted the product to ‘hero’ status, whilst enabling it to be an integral part of the design. The new pared back packaging has a number of design cues that communicate the look and feel of an authentic Italian gelateria that you can take home. Available in three flavours – Coconut, Berries & Cream and Pistachio – the unique character of each flavour is brought to life through playful on-pack copy (including cheeky discoverables like the ‘cure for brain freeze’), individual typefaces and fun imagery.

This careful combination of clear packaging and vibrant personality meant that the product could speak for itself. You can now find the new Joe Delucci’s packaging on the shelves at Tesco.

The MoralBeautiful flavour speaks for itself.