The story of the noteworthy prizes

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Tic Tac asked us to create an on-pack promotion that would drive sales and build their brand. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to be brave and do something a little different. It was time to give Tic Tac fans a little hit of happy.


So, we looked to our target audience and asked them what they thought was the ultimate mood lifter. The resounding answer: finding a fiver in your pocket. So we designed a promotion that gave each and every Tic Tac fan the chance to win £5 instantly, or guaranteed £5 discounts at Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Cineworld and more.

To raise awareness of the promotion we created two TV ads featuring Timothy, an oddball character who ‘gives himself five’ when he hears about the deal. If fans wanted more self-fiving action, they could play the #Self5 Excuse Generator game, which included bonus footage and the option to create personalised self five animations.

The strength of this idea meant that Find a Fiver became Tic Tac’s biggest integrated campaign to date, with 17 million packs supported by £1.7 million marketing spend.

The MoralIt’s the little things that make you happy