The story of kidney-shaped love


In only two weeks, we created an uplift of 342% in downloads of “living donation” leaflets, saw an uplift of 610% in downloads for “contact details for kidney transplant centres” and 5 people actually signed up to donate a kidney!


About a third of all kidney transplants carried out in the UK are from living donors, a healthy person able to lead a normal life with one working kidney. Last year 100 people donated a kidney anonymously to a stranger, but with over 5,000 people on the waiting list and 300 dying each year before they receive one, more donors are needed.

At the heart of our #ShareYourSpare campaign was a comedy song composed by Philip Pope and performed by stand up Alex Smith. Played out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the run up to Valentine’s Day it was accompanied by spoofs of several famous album covers.

The MoralThis Valentine’s Day, true love is kidney-shaped.