The story of refreshing lightness

Design | Packaging

The Ribena Light brand looked a little heavy, and was in need of refreshing. It was important that the new packaging mirrored the drink inside: fresh, tasty and, most importantly, light.


Our design did just that. Re-invigorating the classic Ribena imagery of fruit and sunshine, we brought a relevant and contemporary feel to the much-loved brand’s low calorie offering. With a blue sky, airborne kite and floating blackcurrants, the execution is one of pure lightness.

Letting the product’s strong taste values shine through, the bright new packaging was designed to resonate with a target audience of professional young women. And, it worked – since our re-design Ribena Light has seen a phenomenal lift in sales and secured its position as a favourite for health conscious fans of the delicious Ribena taste.

The MoralDeliciously light