The story of taking control

Advertising | Brand Story

Smith & Nephew’s ACTICOAT, a leading silver dressing for infected wounds, wanted to make customers realise that its healing treatment is worth paying more for.


Though widely regarded as the most effective dressing, ACTICOAT is often seen as an unnecessary expense when there are other cheaper products that will “probably do the job”. We needed to convince potential customers that good enough isn’t good enough when it comes to infection management.

But in order to increase the uptake, we needed to find a story that resonated across various medical scenarios on both an emotional and rational level.

So we spun a series of tales based on the overarching idea of ‘Take Control’ – because whether it’s a trauma surgeon who’s just been presented with a new case or a nurse treating a chronic wound, they can only do their job effectively if they’re in control. What they need is the best of the best. What they need is ACTICOAT.

The MoralTake control of infection.