The story of the astonishing milk

a2 Milk is a huge success in Australia. Yet, due to low brand engagement, the UK has been slow to catch on to the amazing benefits it offers for those who struggle with cows’ milk.


The a2 Milk story is a revelation once you understand why it’s different to other cows’ milk. The challenge is finding a way to tell such a complex story about a low-interest grocery staple in an increasingly crowded category. After all, milk is milk, isn’t it?

Our ‘a2stonishing milk’ campaign used hundreds of genuinely powerful customer testimonials as a basis to give UK families that ‘lightbulb moment’. We transformed real consumer quotes into warm and uplifting stories, communicating the life-changing potential of a2 Milk in a bold campaign which stood out in national press and on Netmums. Supported by original painted illustrations, each execution was as visually impactful as it was charming to read.

It’s still early days, but if all goes to plan a2 Milk will become an officially recommended product on Netmums. We’ll also exceed our targets by driving penetration and shifting awareness from 9% to over 30%.

Commenting on the campaign, Scott Wotherspoon, CEO of The a2 Milk Company™ said, ‘This creative retells real consumer stories in an authentic, engaging and visually arresting way – we’re hoping it introduces another choice for people that don’t get on with regular cows’ milk.’