The story of the christmas made with magic

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Crabtree & Evelyn brought us a bright array of Christmas packaging that needed a touch of storytelling to make it sparkle.


Crabtree & Evelyn products are made using some of the world’s finest natural ingredients and botanicals – but at Christmas time, they put a little something extra into their creation too: Magic!

So we created a campaign that brought their festive packaging to life and inspired consumers to believe in the magic of Christmas once again. Our campaign throws open the doors to the brand’s festive workshop, giving gift buyers a little peek at the wonder inside.

From the robin’s song that inspires Crabtree & Evelyn workers, to the snowman on the conveyor who turns snowflakes into icing for cookies, every single product in the Christmas range has a magical story to tell.

These product stories were brought to life in spellbinding press ads and enchanting window displays. The campaign was supported by digital and social content, and the #Ibelieve hashtag invited the audience to share the story online.

The MoralAll you need to do is believe

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