The story of following the flamingo

Activation | Advertising | Comms Strategy | Design

Chambord wanted to encourage a quirky-yet-chic target audience to choose its liqueur both at the bar and in the supermarket aisles.


We identified that sales of bubbles were on the rise – if we could convert 1 in 50 glasses of fizz enjoyed in 2015 into a Chambord Royale, that would amount to 50k cases of Chambord sold.

To tempt bar-goers into the glamorously absurd world of Chambord we created ‘Follow the Flamingo’an on-trade promotion that built on the brand’s ‘Because No Reason’ positioning and embraced the ‘BOF!’ attitude of the Chambord woman.

We invited consumers to upload a picture of their Chambord Royale, tag the bar that served it and finish with the #FollowTheFlamingo hashtag. The prize for enthusiastic flamingo followers and the bar staff serving them was a trip to Chambord’s spiritual home, Paris.

We helped things along with a pinker-than-life bar prop: a cardboard flamingo cut-out, the neck of which was designed to curve perfectly around the new custom Chambord Flamingo Glass.

A detailed retail toolkit embodying the ethos of ‘Because No Reason’ helped stores to nudge shoppers into upgrading their sparkles to a Chambord Royale. Physical and digital media targeted around fizz-friendly times such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas demonstrated boldly how to create the classic serve.