The story of the little things

Advertising | Brand Identity | Digital Design | Packaging | Promotion

Hot on the heels of our popular Find a Fiver campaign, we built on the discovery that rewards are a big deal to our target audience.


We developed Happy Rewards, an on-pack promotion that allowed fans to collect codes from Tic Tac packs in order to get free stuff. Consumers registered on the tictachappy.com microsite, entered their unique URN codes and unlocked levels to claim bigger prizes.

Tic Tac fans loved the promotion, and many thousands rushed to enter their details for a chance to win. Collecting two points unlocked the chance to play Flight of the Tic Tac, a brightly hued and addictive game for desktop and mobile. The game went down a treat – it’s been played more than 17,500 times to date.

A promotion this happy needed a special pack to show it off. We designed a bright, bold look and feel to capture the spirit of Happy Rewards and Tic Tac. A cheeky smiling face took centre stage, surrounded by a vibrant pattern reflecting Tic Tac’s unique flavour combinations.

We then supported the promotion with happy-go-lucky 10” VOD ads as well as vines, digital banners and six sheet posters.

The MoralIt’s the little things that make you happy