War and Piece


HBO needed a boxset to house seven epic seasons of their hit show Game of Thrones. Our design had to entice both newcomers and die-hards, as well as standing out on the crowded Christmas shelves.

We interrogated the storytelling components of the show, and hit upon the theme of war strategy, embodied by the map of Westeros: a recurring motif used to signify key plot developments.


We re-created the map table from Dragonstone, and 3D rendered bespoke map markers to accompany it. The front of the boxset features a stand-off between a dragon and a lion, representing the two principle houses, and the conflict that slowly builds throughout the show. A sculpture emboss gives a sense of depth reminiscent of the show’s unfolding intrigue.

Our designs are set to captivate audiences new and old into seven seasons of some of the greatest TV ever made.