The story of Colin's reawakening

Comms Strategy | Narrative workshop | TV

Before we met Warner, its hotels could be perceived as holidays for the old at heart. We turned that reputation on its head, making Warner a place for new beginnings.


We then created a humorous TV campaign playing on the insight that our visions of retirement can go two ways, either fulfilling our dreams or confirming our fears. We created a couple, Colin and Carol, to represent these alternate futures. Carol embodies a future the target audience would never identify with, believing herself and her husband to be ‘too old’ to go and try new things. Colin, however, is secretly itching to hit the dancefloor…

The story seemed to resonate with other Colin-sympathisers out there and brand awareness among the target audience increased by 7% in the month after the adverts aired.

The MoralLife begins at Warner.